Sunland Services
Pipeline Construction with Value-Driven Results

Sunland has the equipment, manpower, resources and expertise to construct pipelines of any size and length in any part of the country. Sunland has developed a staff of superintendents with each having their own following of craftsmen and helpers. The result is a construction team focused on safety, quality and efficiency, with a cost-effective project executed on time and within budget.

Why use Sunland?

  • Excellent safety record assures least time lost from injury
  • Planning, scheduling, and execution expertise assuring on-time completion
  • Resources; equipment and personnel all with one contract
  • Large geographical footprint for your expansion and maintenance across the country
  • Unique group of diversified services; one-stop contractor for onshore, marine, HDD, and station construction expertise
  • Open-shop assures your best value

Services offered by Sunland Construction, Inc:
  • Pipeline construction, repair, and maintenance
  • Directional Drilling
  • Compressor station construction
  • Power station construction
  • LNG Plant modification and construction
  • Distribution construction
  • Shorted casing repairs
  • Horizontal boring (slick and dry)
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Pipe fabrication
  • Launcher/Receiver fabrication
  • Plant maintenance
  • Labor crews

  • Well pad / access road development
  • Industrial insulation
  • Marine pipeline construction, repair, and maintenance (all inland waters; to 25 water depth in Gulf of Mexico)
  • Marsh and swamp pipeline construction
  • Marine platform construction
  • Amphibious undercarriage manufacturing and spare parts
  • Pipeline jetting
  • Well pad / Location work
  • Heavy equipment rental
  • Revetment / restoration work
  • Instrumentation and electrical


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