DHB Services
The Solution to your Cased Crossing Problems

Sunland's DHB Division serves the corrosion and cathodic protection industry by providing a cost-effective alternative to more expensive monitoring or pipe replacement by bringing problem cased crossings into compliance with Federal and State Regulations. We accomplish this through the use of DHB's patented end seals, tested to 50 psi, in conjunction with the appropriate casing filler. This unique specialized division has over 10 years experience.
Services offered:
Site preparation and excavation to expose problem area
Installation of DHB patented end seals which isolate the
  problem section of cased crossing casing/carrier pipe
Fill crossing annular space with high-dielectric
  casing filler or other material which provides a 
  corrosion inhibiting environment and corrects the
  shorted electrical circuit
Removal of casings
Casing extensions
Our experience includes:
Over 1,000 cased crossings successfully repaired
Crossings successfully repaired to depths of 40 feet
Crossings up to 5,400 feet with 100 foot elevation changes
Numerous major interstate crossings in urban areas
Sealed multiple pipelines in cased crossings
Overhead cased crossings



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