Company History
Playing a Major Role in the Pipeline Industry
Incorporated in the State of Louisiana in 1974, we have since grown into one of the largest pipeline contractors employing an annual average low of 800 employees with a peak workforce of over 2,200 employees. Over the years, Sunland Construction has grown and diversified in order to continue playing a major role in the pipeline construction industry.
  • In 1991, Sunland expanded its services by creating a Directional Drilling Division and is now a major authority in this area of the pipeline industry.
  • In 1994, the addition of DHB Services helped Sunland gain entry into the specialized market of repairing shorted pipeline casings. This process utilizes a patented casing end seal in conjunction with a hot wax casing filler.
  • In 1997, Sunland acquired an industrial services company located in Northwest New Mexico, creating our Rocky Mountain Division. Via this acquisition, we began performing construction and insulation work in the Four-Corners/San Juan Basin area and have since expanded to work in all of the Rocky Mountain/Western states.
  • In 1998, Sunland expanded its services once more by creating a Sunland Station Construction Division capable of building compressor stations of unlimited size.
  • In early 2000, Sunland acquired Foremost Pipeline Construction Company, Inc. and is now strategically located in the Carolina's with the ability to handle distribution and mainline construction for large and small projects.
  • In late 2000, Sunland broadened its footprint by adding Sunland Marine Division. This division enabled Sunland to gain market entry into inland water and swamp pipeline construction and repair.
  • Also in 2000, Sunland entered the international marketplace with the addition of Sunland-Kori Services. Sunland-Kori Services is the leading manufacturer of amphibious undercarriages as well as spare parts for both domestic and international customers.
  • June 2005 marked the successful acquisition of Buffalo Gap I&E. As part of Sunland's growth initiative, Buffalo Gap added new opportunities and the ability to perform instrumentation and electrical work for both the industrial and commercial industries.
  • In November of 2005, Sunland successfully acquired MB Construction Services, Inc. of Parachute, Colorado. MB Construction Services is the leading well pad/location work contractor in the Piceance Basin of Colorado and the Uintah Basin of Utah. Through this acquisition, Sunland is now strategically located to provide all of its services to the Rocky Mountain and West Coast regions.



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