Pipeline Construction
Pipeline Construction and a Whole Lot More; Your "One Contract” Contractor
Sunland Construction, Inc is an innovator and leader in mainline cross-country pipeline construction for gas transmission, liquids, and products pipelines to 42” diameter. Sunland continues to offer a unique and diverse group of services for all your project construction requirements. Sunland has the equipment, manpower, resources, and expertise to schedule, manage, and construct pipelines of any size and length in all terrains and in any part of the country. Sunland has developed a group of experienced industry professionals with each having their own following of craftsmen and helpers. Sunland's construction teams are focused on safety, quality, and efficiency resulting in a cost-effective project executed on time and within budget.

Why use Sunland?

• Excellent safety record assures least time lost from injury
• Planning, scheduling, and execution expertise assuring on-time completion
• Resources; equipment and personnel all with one contract
• Large geographical footprint for your expansion and maintenance across the country
• Unique group of diversified services; one-stop contractor for onshore, marine, HDD, and station construction expertise
• Open-shop assures your best value

Our experience includes:

• Projects from small replacement to major pipeline installations
• New installation to 200 mile length; 42” diameter
• Automatic welding
• Horizontal boring (slick & dry)
• Hydrostatic testing
• Project management, planning, scheduling, & execution
• Project procurement services
• Work for most major & independent pipeline operating & transmission companies
• Work within the gas transmission, liquids, and products pipeline industries
• Work with most pipeline engineering companies
• Work in all terrains; extreme elevation changes, rock, marsh, & swamp
• Pipe fabrication
• Launcher & receiver fabrication and installation
• Valve setting fabrication and installation
• Pipe bending
• Pipe reconditioning
• Pipe replacement
• Decommissioning
• Demolition
• Pipeline and facility maintenance
• ROW clearing and maintenance
• Revetment work



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