Pipeline Integrity Services
Pipeline Integrity is critical to your success and Sunland is the Critic's choice.

When you need assistance with your ongoing Pipeline Integrity Program, Sunland offers the complete solution. You identify the potential impact of the HCA's, assess the risk, and develop your mitigation plan; Sunland will take care of everything else for you to reach compliance. Whether your requirement is for assistance only or for the complete turnkey package, Sunland can offer a customized combination of services for your specific project. For turnkey requirements, Sunland maintains strategic partnering relationships with specialists experienced in engineering, hydrostatic testing, and smart pigging.

Sunland reconditions over 1000 miles of pipeline per year

Sunland offers a complete range of pipeline services; from minimal assistance to complete ongoing integrity program maintenance, rehabilitation, and new construction; land, swamp, and marine to 25' water depth; Sunland is here for all your pipeline integrity needs:

Pipeline Integrity Services offered by Sunland Construction, Inc:
Preliminary Preparation for Acceptance of Intelligent Pigging Device Into Pipeline

  • Fabricate launchers and receivers (scraper traps); valve settings
  • Install launchers and receivers; temporary or permanent
  • Remove or replace pipeline restrictions (valves, fittings, and drips)

Secondary Preparation for Acceptance of Intelligent Pigging Device into Pipeline

  • Cleaning and drying services with scraper, chemical cleaning, or caliper pigs
  • Assistance during pig run
  • Repair of additional restrictions discovered from caliper pig run (dents, gouges, etc.)

Final Assistance for Intelligent Pig Run

  • Site preparation and stabilization
  • Install liquid handling facilities (frac tanks or holding basins)
  • Install pig tracking hardware (magnetic transducer locating and relocating)
  • Marker placement services
  • Pig handling (lifting and installation assistance)
  • Anomaly verification digs
  • Open and close valves as required

Anomaly Investigations and Repair (Including Required Sandblasting and Painting)

  • Recoating
    • Trenton hot wax
    • Coal tar epoxy
    • Polymer coating
    • Two-part epoxy
    • Spray-on epoxy
    • Taping systems
    • Hot dope
  • Composite Sleeve Reinforcement (Clock Spring, Armor Plate, and WrapMaster)
  • Mechanical Leak Clamps
  • Weldover Sleeves, Split Sleeves
  • Pipeline Modifications
  • Pipe section isolation; stopple fittings
  • Welding and weld repair
  • Hot tapping and plugging
  • Pipe repair, replacement, or retirement (abandonment)

Additional Pipeline Integrity Services

  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Shorted Casing Repair
    • Install DHB end seals; a patented Sunland exclusive
    • Fill the annulus between casing and carrier pipe with dielectric wax
    • Casing extensions and casing removals
  • Investigation of low potential areas
    • Remove coating, wash pipe
    • Magnetic particle testing of fittings, valves; low frequency ERW seams, spiral weld seams, girth welds
    • Visual inspection, laminated pipe
  • Line Lowering (in-service, mechanically, marine jetting)
  • Construct shoring box to inspect anomaly
  • Fabricate launcher/receiver and valve settings
  • Revetment work (rip-rap, concrete matting, bulkheads, etc)
  • ROW restoration and maintenance
  • Subsurface (underwater) services (caisson repairs, line lowering and jetting)



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