Sunland helps all customers reach their goals. Our years of success are the result of building and maintaining confidence and trust among our clients; repeat business within Sunland is common. Our work ranges from minimal assistance to complete pipeline upgrades. As a value-added service, we assist our customers with the upfront design aspects including project planning, budgetary estimates, route selection, constructibility, and permitting. We have the expertise that customers want, resulting in a cost-effective project. We deliver what is promised and provide the customer with a high-quality product and service.

Alliances: Shared Goals in Action

Sunland offers customers the best value in alliance partnerships. Our combination of geographic locations, complete product line, company-owned and maintained equipment, and professional expertise allow us to perform with maximum efficiency. By developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, focusing on commitment and shared goals, Sunland has been able to establish a more consistent workforce that will achieve high quality and high productivity while still enhancing our focus on safety. Overall project controls and scheduling reduce field costs, notably mobilization and demobilization expenses, site preparation, equipment, personnel, and consumables. Sunland alliances also assure lower administrative cost.

Turnkey (EPC) Contracts: One Contract, One Responsible Contractor
Sunland can become the customerís general contractor of choice for all the turnkey needs. As most projects have the greatest monetary risk in the cost of construction, Sunland has experience in performing as both prime and subcontractor. Sunland has devoted many years in developing trusting, mutually beneficial business relationships with complementary pipeline industry leaders. We earn confidence by taking the lead and teaming with engineering and design professionals to offer a total bottom line package for the project; offering a total project responsibility and execution in one contract.

Subcontractors and Vendors

We choose to work with companies whose policies are consistent with our own; companies that provide a high-quality product or service. Fostering long-term mutually beneficial relationships with these suppliers assist with a more cost-effective project.



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